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Garry Meeker, California
Just wanted to let you know the sub tanks worked beautifully on my 06 CRF450R.

We ride So-Cal tracks and I have had the forks re-valved twice and springs changed three times, I weigh 210 and could not get the right mix of firmness vs. plushness for our tracks.

We have several 40 to 50 foot doubles, step-ups and tables that get overshot to flat landings and huge braking bumps. The AirCell technology allowed me to raise the oil height 10cc's to firm up the last 1/3 of travel and open the air tanks to 5 to get the plushness for the first 2/3 of travel.

Thanks so much.
Terry Cunningham

“If I would have had this technological support when I was racing earlier in my career, I might have been unstoppable.”

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Here is an excerpt – “The plushness was back in the first part of the stroke, even more than the wimpy stock forks had, and the front end just floats over roots and rocks with the AirCells installed. Far less jarring felt through the bars, and the forks still worked great at speed in the really rough and choppy sections.”
John Burgard Jr. (AirCell Racing Team Rider)
“I really must say that the AirCells make a huge improvement over just revalve. I installed those (AirCells) and took a small ride for an adjustment and raced with them and what a difference they make. On the choppy square edge and roots you don't even know the stuff is there. My score has really improved! I ended up 5th for the day only seconds separating the top six of us”.
Russell Bobbitt:

Here is what the Champion Russell Bobbitt says about AirCells -

“I have been using AirCells for the past three years for a reason! AirCells automatically give me a boost of confidence on the bike! The added adjustability and maintenance free characteristics set AirCells above the rest.”

“I use AirCells for the increased control and comfort in a variety of terrain. Whether I am riding Motocross or Rocky Enduro trails, AirCells make all the difference.”

“AirCells provide an ultra plush initial feel and at the same time allow the suspension to use the full potential of the available travel.”

Eric Schofield:
The season is going pretty well. I have not had to send my suspension off at all. The stock suspension on my 07 is very good and the Aircells make the fork that much better. I have never been happier with a suspension set up than with this bike. I got 5th in Vet A. There is some stiff competition in that class!
Dirt Rider's Dan Kouba:

"But if I thought the Rekluse clutch was good (referring to First Ride: 2005 Honda CFR250X Dirt Rider Project bike as tested by Dan Kouba) , what lurked behind the X's front number plate could very well change the way riders look at motorcycle suspension."
"These take a bike's level of turning, traction and performance to a whole new level," Lewis said about the small, shiny AirCell subtanks clamped onto the upper fork tubes. While I don't claim to be the next Karel Kramer, I believe the principal behind sub-tanks has to do with the air space in the fork: in a nutshell, the AirCells work like a high-speed compression adjustment for the front end utilizing air volume in the fork by making room for air above the oil, thus allowing more oil volume which in turn lends to better bottoming control while keeping small bump compliance. With the AirCells I could confidently survive a row of seat-high whoops and then race down a rock-filled sandwash, and not worry about being thrown to the side like a chicken bone at an all-you-can-eat buffet; normally my forks are set up so stiff for the big stuff that my wrists pay the price in the chop. The AirCells are like cheating, and it's no wonder many top off-road racers are clamoring to get their gloves on a set. "

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Dirt Rider Magazine says:

"A simple idea that makes a ton of sense- this little baby is just that: Similar to systems available only to works riders just a short time ago, now it’s a simple bolt-on item. The bottle will change the way your fork is tuned, adding a whole new dimension to front end feel"

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Product Evaluation - Dirt Bike Magazine - September 2005

Dirt Bike Magazine says:

"In the short time we tested them, the AirCells could be dialed to the terrain, making for softer action when we wanted or stiffer damping for track use. You will see more on them in the next issue, but so far they rock." (July 2005 issue)

Dirt Bike Magazine's follow up article:

"For $289 bucks the AirCell fork receiver makes a difference. It increases the plush factor, allows you to bump up control for the big hit, they mount easily, and you can take them from bike to bike."

"Kudos to the AirCell Management System for ease of installation, price and most importantly, improving the forks ability to handle hack, whoops and the off-road world." (September 2005 issue)

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David Caldwell - Fence Pros Racing

"Best investment you could make! The return you get in performance is ten times the investment. AirCells WON'T be the best kept secret for long!"

"AirCells rock! Don't leave home without a pair again! A deal at twice the price. Who needs that factory stuff".

Ted Marriner - AirCell Support Rider
"They worked great! We were at Martinsville, VA which is of course the Blue Ridge Mountains. Course is clay with many roots and half buried rocks which makes for a very bumpy ride. I was able to charge for the full 2 hours again and can only say the AirCells are the reason as I usually 'hit the wall' towards the end of rough courses".
Bret Zaro - AirCell Support Rider

I just wanted to drop you a personal note on how well your product has performed for me this year. I have won the Open B Championship in the SETRA series and look forward to representing you through the SORCS series. I have had a couple of really close calls banging into trees this year and every time my front end just seems to soak it up and keep me from po-going off. One particular instance I jumped up into the woods from a road crossing and my front tire hit a tree in mid air. Instead of shooting me off and causing a violent crash the bike just calmly pushed off to the side allowing me to maintain my momentum. Great product!

Thanks again for your company's support. I have passed along my experience with your product to everyone that will listen.

Octavio Ascolani

I am Octavio Ascolani, I race with Chris Parker, and we have teamed up for this coming Baja 500 to have two identical bikes for Team Flow, we are all exited about this. Chris told me you are sending a set of AirCells for our second bike, I want to thank you for this and also tell you that in fact its is great product, I bought before for both of my KTM bikes and it really works.

I will thank you again for your support to Team Flow and I would like to send some pictures of my guys. Mean time we will keep advertising your product down here in Mexico. See ya..

Rick Pedersen -North Carolina

Wanted to follow up with you regarding my 1st ride/race with the AirCells. Well they work as described. I think I used the term "Unbelievable!" a few times describing the effect the AirCells have. The course was in S.C., somewhat sandy, good bit of sand whoops in some sections. Set the AirCells Air Compression Damping Valve on 7 turns out. It took out a good bit of that jarring feeling you get on all tree crossing, roots and acceleration/braking bumps. I could attack through the whoops and the forks just ate them up with no big hits coming back at me. I was able to ride much faster for longer periods with a higher level of confidence. I had the energy at the end to stay aggressive in the last 2 sections (2- 15 mile tight woods sections with a minimal stop in between checks) to be the fastest in my class and win the class by 2 points. The race was a total of 76 miles.

I don't race as much as I used to. Have only won 2 races to date with lots of 2nd's and 3rd's in Hare Scrambles. This is my 3rd win ever and my 1st at an Enduro. I am very happy with my purchase. I am 45 yrs old, unable to ride and work out as much as I used to. I do believe the AirCells helped to cover my lack of conditioning and definitely helped me attack the sand whoops allot harder than I ever was able to before. I can tell the difference by how my forearms and hands don't hurt!!

Other than that, these things work well. My comment to my wife was, “these things work so well it's going to make me spend more money”. The shock is now the weak link!!!

Thanks again for a great product!

Tim Norton - California

Funny quick story. Two of my friends (that don't know each other) left messages on my cell phone with questions about some jetting specs I told them to run. They both said the bikes ran great and BOTH, out of the blue, commented on how awesome their AirCells worked. Funny thing, they have both had the AirCells for way over a month and have already told me how much they like them! AGAIN! It must be quite nice to build and sell a product that people love and can't stop talking about. You should be quite proud of the product and your whole team!

Chris Parker &Tim Bina - Team Flow- California
  Many thanks to AirCell Engineering from Team Flow, for making the Baja a smoother place!
Jared - Adrenaline Racing - Canada
Just thought I would drop a line, and say thanks for such a great product. I just finished rounds 3 and 4 of the Triple A Arena Cross series (our Provincial championship) this weekend and went 1-1. I used my 02 450 at these two rounds as the track was a little more open and with the help of the AirCells and Adam's valving magic the suspension is crazy good. My 06 CRF 250 is getting valved and springs this week so that is probably what I will do the last 4 rounds on. Had the new set of AirCells on display at the race with all the magazine reviews and stuff. Lots of people looking and asking questions. I think making people realize that this is a one-time expense that can be transferred from bike to bike each year is the key, as well as the improvement it makes to stock suspension!
Gary R. Sheroman - California
This is my 2nd time riding my bike (Kaw. 450F) with the AirCells. I LOVE THEM! The bike turns better, it doesn't want to push in the turns like it did, and you don't feel the braking bumps as much. Just wanted to say thanks. Hey, do you have anything for the Shock?
Ted Baker - 04 CRF 250X - Washington

Wanted to let you know that I had a great day of riding on Saturday. My son and I have built a little track, by the river at our farm. We have some 20'-25' doubles, a 30' tabletop, some tight corners that are sandy and a wide sweeper that is hard and flat. Lots of different applications.

I have only been riding for two years, and not very much at that. So each time I get out I would like to think that I get a bit more comfortable. I do believe that I made the most progress in cornering this weekend. And I do believe it is from the AirCells. The first few laps I was concerned that I wasn't realizing much difference. But after warming up and settling down the corners got easier and faster and I was able to go in harder, be later one the brake and quicker on the throttle and by the end of our day my corner speeds were considerably quicker.

I did not take any tools with me so no adjustments were made. I would like to get out one night this week with making some adjustments my main focus now that I am aware of what the change feels like.

If changing the triple clamps and bars, whether it be Pro Taper or Fasst Flex, makes as much difference in performance or comfort, as the AirCell’s did, I will be thrilled!

Thank you, for all of your help and producing a wonderful product.

Devan Bolin - Oregon
I am so happy with the Air Cells on my 450. They really soak up the chatter bumps, rocks and roots. It tracks so much straighter and more controlled than before. I have told everyone I can about my satisfaction with them. Some are doubtful until I let them ride my bike. I also want to order another set of the Air Cells for my 2006 KTM 250 XCW.
Doug Attridge
After taking two years off to get my family started I returned to racing last Sunday. All I can say is that I have forgotten how tough it is to ride for two hours straight. There is no way I would have been able to ride the rough course without my Aircell Fork Chambers. My hands were so tired from not riding in so long, but I was able to push and stay relaxed because the AirCells sucked up all the square edged bumps”.
Chris Goodall - Missouri and Arkansas Hare Scramble racer
AirCells have greatly improved the overall performance of my bike, making roots, rocks and square edge braking bumps feel non-existent. My AirCells have greatly improved my confidence to attack the rough sections of the courses I race and play ride. I have moved from mid-pack to the front. AirCells rock, I won't race without them."


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